Mark Hooper

Card game design and development

Blank card game

In December 2016 some friends (Alex chan, Jack Sheridan) and I, challenged ourselves to design and deliver a fun card game in a single month. The result was BLANK, a creative social game, designed for 3-8 players.

Players design their own questions according to certain constraints, and then take turn answering. Creativity is required at both stages. The game can play-out in all sorts of different ways depending on the mood of the group. It all depends how you choose to create the questions. We designed it and played it at the local pub, which is why the cards are made to resemble round beer coasters.

ingenuity card game

I also designed and developed Ingenuity, which is a card game to promote creativity. Teams draw cards from each of three decks - Product, Angle and Market - and have to imagine and then pitch new product ideas based on those constraints.