Mark Hooper

David Hume and philosophy

David Hume

My doctoral thesis was about the philosophy of David Hume, the greatest and most loveable of all philosophers. My PhD was called "Hume and Human Error". It's about the ways in which the human mind gets things wrong.

Right now I have a side project text-mining the philosophical literature using a programming language called R. The idea is to look at trends in philosophical scholarship over time. These images come from an analysis of one of my favourite journals, Hume Studies. But I'm also text-mining a bunch of other sources.

hume studies hume studies

I also lectured and tutored philosophy at the University of Queensland for about five years, and I got interested in making graphics to help make the subject matter engaging. Here are a couple of examples.

Elizabeth of bohemia

This one is from a series of biographics. This is Elisabeth of the Palatinate (1618 - 1680). If you're not familiar, she's worth looking up. She was the one who wrote to Descartes asking: "Tell me please how the soul of a human being (it being only a thinking substance) can determine the bodily spirits and so bring about voluntary actions..."

That's a damn good question, and Descartes didn't have an adequate answer. Indeed, it's the chief criticism of substance dualism to this day.

Metaphysics primer

I designed this graphic as a primer to introductory metaphysics. This would suit first year philosophy. Possibly, some philosphers would object to my characterisations. That's ok! In fact, provoking debate is sort of the point.

Descartes wink